Bluewave Bluetooth Audio Receiver – Use Any iPhone Speaker Dock with Non-iPhone

Imagine this scenario: you were invited by your best friend to come and stay at her place over the weekend. And because you were in a hurry to leave, you forgot to bring your Android phone’s dock with you. Too bad because when you arrived at her place, you noticed that the dock she’s using was only for the iPhone. You wanted so bad to share your audio files with her, but you just couldn’t because your phone and the dock were simply not compatible. If only your friend has the Bluewave Bluetooth Audio Receiver, this wouldn’t have been a problem at all.

Allowing you to use any iPhone speaker dock with non-iPhone, the Bluewave Bluetooth Audio Receiver is the perfect gadget accessory you can bring anytime, anywhere. It can be pretty annoying if you can’t maximize the use of your Android phone just because it’s not compatible to the dock that you have. This receiver simply eliminates that inconvenience – so even if the gadget you have there is iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry, you can definitely use this to play your music from any iPhone speaker system.

Here’s the complete list of specs for this product:

– Allows you to play your music from any iPhone speaker system
– No iPhone required! Works with iPad, iPod, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
– All you need is a Bluetooth capable device
– Automatically connects when you walk in range
– Enables you to check email, tweet, and play games while your tunes play
– With remote control function right from your device
– No need to dock: works totally wirelessly
– No hassle design uses a direct connection to the 30-pin iPhone speaker device
– Uses Bluetooth Version 2.0+ EDR for high quality audio
– Power is supplied via your iPhone speaker dock
– Wireless range: Over 30 feet

To order the Bluewave Bluetooth Audio Receiver, click here.

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