Bluelounge Sumo – Your Ultimate Cable Management Tool

When charging your mobile phone, laptop, or any device at that, you make sure that the cable is neatly placed to prevent it from dropping off the edge, right? However, no matter how careful you are, there are still instances when it accidentally drops off the edge, and worse your mobile device drops off too. This can be very frustrating, considering the cost that goes with electronic repairs these days. So, to prevent yourself from major headaches arising from these accidental drops, you must secure yourself with a cable management tool – but don’t just choose any name at that, make sure it’s a Bluelounge Sumo!

Designed as an ultimate cable management tool, the Sumo provides your device with an added protection as it prevents the cable from dropping off during use or charging. Thanks to its high-tech Japanese micro-suction pads – even without adhesives, you can expect it to resist slippage on most smooth surfaces including glass! And it’s designed with two grooves for cables to be placed underneath your Sumo, so cable access is a breeze.

Now, you might ask, “How does this thing work?” Well, simply peel off the protective plastic from the micro-suction pads. And then, adjust the cables underneath Sumo and that’s it! You have all the freedom to place your Sumo anywhere you like – on the workstation, on your bedside table, etc. And it can be adjusted or moved too for easy cleaning or dusting!

So, give your device the utmost protection. Get the Bluelounge Sumo here now!

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Bluelounge SOWH Sumo White
Bluelounge SOWH Sumo White
Bluelounge  SOWH Sumo White
Bluelounge SOWH Sumo White
Bluelounge  SOBL Sumo Black
Bluelounge SOBL Sumo Black
BlueLounge Sumo Decorative Cord Holder Organizer Cable Management Solution
BlueLounge Sumo Decorative Cor...

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