BluCan Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Use It Anytime, Anywhere

The typical bulky speaker that you use for your device has so many limitations. One, you can’t bring it anywhere you want to go. And two, you can’t make the most out of it as you can’t use it anytime you want to. So, why not switch to a portable speaker this time? Well, you might be hesitant to get one because you’re not sure if it has Bluetooth capability or if it provides the same high quality sound that your old speaker does. But wait until you see and try the BluCan Portable Bluetooth Speaker. All your hesitations will definitely vanish like thin air once you get hold of this highly portable Bluetooth speaker.

Designed to pair seamlessly with Bluetooth enabled devices, this BluCan is actually a portable Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone in one. So ditch that old bulky Bluetooth speaker you got there because this will definitely provide you more freedom but with the same features of your old pal. Yes, go on and try it with your laptop, your smartphone, your tablet, or any other device you’ve got as long as it’s Bluetooth-enabled.

But apart from this Bluetooth capability feature, what makes this BluCan more interesting is its capability to be used anytime, anywhere – yes even in surfaces you can’t imagine – on glass, on tabletop, and even at your wall. And since it utilizes Vibration Resonance Technology, you can expect it to excellently transfer sound waves to flat surfaces, creating bass and mids that typically require a separate subwoofer or stereo speaker.

For sure, you’ll love this BluCan. But in case you don’t, you still have a wide portable Bluetooth speaker options here.

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