Blend Your Music and iPad with the New Beringer XENYX iX Mixers

Into professional sound recording or mixing. Check. Owns an iPad. Check. Willing to spend on a new revolutionary iPad mixer. Check. You are now ready for the three latest Behringer XENYX iX Series compact mixers with iPad docking station. The XENYX iX3242USB, iX2442USB and iX1642USB are made to manage professional live performances as well as offer the most advanced tools for high quality studio-like recordings. The brand new XENYX iX Series, come with an integrated iPad docking section which will transmit signal back and forth from the iPad using a wide selection of routing solutions. The ground breaking features within the new XENYX iX Series USB mixers can help you record and mix on a pro level using the included, stereo USB sound port. Hook up these mixers straight to a Personal Computer or Mac through a USB cord to capture virtually any signal source attached to the device.

All of the iX mixers add cutting edge dual-engine KLARK-TEKNIK FX processor chip with 32 adjustable, studio-quality presets like reverb, chorus, flange, delay, pitch shifter and multiple-effects. Along with practically countless applications, the iX mixers make use of the iPad to manage the latest KLARK-TEKNIK FX Processor Software, boosting the mixing and recording performance by giving the operator serious control of equalizers, compressors and reverbs, and spectrum analyzers. XENYX mixers have a three-band channel equalizer based upon a similar circuitry applied to British units which allows operators to generate signals with amazing ambiance and comprehensive audio dynamics. Furthermore, “one-knob” compression is accessible on all of the mono channels. Just turn the knob to the ideal level of compression for musical instruments and vocals to produce amazing combinations.

The XENYX iX Series Small Format Mixers even include high-performance XENYX mic pre amplifiers, a feature that signifies an important development in sound technology. Similar to significantly more costly microphone preamps, the XENYX preamps deliver an astounding 130 decibel (dB) of powerful range, which includes a bandwidth which stretches from under 10 Hz to 200 kHz for clear and superior audio performance.

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