Be Seen, Be Safe with Active Illumination Reflective Sport Gloves

Given the inherent poor visual acuity of humans in the dark, getting yourself seen in dark is an important safety consideration when you are into travelling, walking, cycling, or jogging at night. Although running around with an Olympic flaming torch is downright cool – donning on a pair of new Brite-Strike Sport Gloves is much more practical (and less hazardous). These gloves are fitted with the latest innovation in LED technology that helps generate light under the glove’s special plastic reflective surface so that motorists can see you a quarter of mile away. The ultra-thin LED in its light strips can last up to 35 hours and its special reflective surface enhances luminance while maintaining minimal energy consumption. These illuminated sport gloves offer a variety of light modes including fast strobe, slow strobe, always on, and off.

The Active Illumination Reflective Sport Gloves are constructed using lightweight and flexible fabrics that are very comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the ultra-thin design and padded palm does not impede finger or hand dexterity ensuring secure grip. This pair of gloves is perfect for all nighttime sports or leisure activities that need an effective way to increase your visibility or catch the attention of incoming motorists to ensure your safety.

Get the Brite-Strike Sport Gloves here.

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