bassDock – The Reliable Speaker Dock for your iPad

Do you love to watch movies or listen to music using your iPad? If yes, then you need an equally reliable speaker dock for your cool gadget. Yes the iPad may have wide array of features that you surely enjoy, but in terms of its built-in speaker, well, for sure you’ll agree that it’s not too promising. Watching movies while holding it or putting it on top of your lap isn’t too convenient too. So, what you need is this reliable gadget accessory that will sure provide you not just with excellent audio but with added convenience – and it’s called the bassDock.

Audio-wise, well you can expect nothing but smooth yet rich, powerful sound – thanks to the bassDock’s dual 1.6″ stereo speakers and 3″ subwoofer. Whether you use your iPad to watch movies or listen to great music, this speaker dock sure turns your device into a complete entertainment system.

But to truly enjoy your entertainment system, of course, you need a convenient way to hold it – good thing, the bassDock also works as an adjustable stand that tilts and rotates for convenient portrait or landscape media viewing. Now, you can fully sit back, relax, and simply have a great time doing your thing with your iPad. And what makes this more exciting is that this speaker dock charges while you play. So, no more worries about your device running out of juice while you’re in the middle of watching a great film or listening to your favorite playlist.

The bassDock will sure make a nice addition to your home or office. You can also check out the Scosche iPad Dock here for more options.

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