Baby Care Made Easy with Cool Gadgets for New Parents

Your new bundle of joy has finally arrived! At last, after 9 months of waiting, now it’s time to celebrate as new parents. So, how’s the feeling? For sure, it’s overwhelming. But hey, that’s just the beginning of a whole new set of responsibilities for you and your spouse! Yes, it does feel good to be a new dad or mom, but wait until the little one starts crying and you hardly knew what he or she is crying about. Or maybe you don’t find washing feeding bottles too amusing, well you have no choice now. But why put yourself into so much stress if there are lots of cool gadgets out there that are specially designed for new parents like you? Here, check out this list to see if you’ve missed anything when you started preparing for your baby’s arrival.

1. Safety Bath Time Audible Thermometer and Alarm by Aquatopia

Whether you like it or not, you need to bath your baby. And you need to take extra care when doing this especially for a newborn. Take note – before wetting that sensitive skin with water, make sure it has the right temperature. Achieving the right temp for your baby’s bathwater can be too tedious. So to make this easier for you, here’s the Safety Bath Time Audible thermometer and Alarm by Aquatopia. This constantly monitors water temperature every two seconds and beeps when water becomes too hot or too cold. It automatically activates when placed in bathwater and deactivates when you take it out.

2. Silent Light Phone Ring Sensor

Baby’s sleep should not be disrupted at any time, or else you’ll bear the consequences of putting her or him back to sleep again. So if you got a phone nearby, make sure you equip your home with this Silent Light Phone Ring Sensor to keep it silent whenever someone calls you up. It flashes a blue LED light when your phone rings, so you’ll never miss a call at that. Simply plug it into a phone jack and that’s it!

3. Beaba Feeding Bottle Warmer

Preparing feeding bottles is easy, but if you do it on a daily basis, for sure you won’t be too happy about it. Why not make this task a lot more convenient with these Feeding Bottle Warmer from Beaba? With this gadget, you can prepare, heat, sterilize, and store feeding bottles in no time!

4. Philips AVENT SCD525 DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor

When you have a baby, you have to monitor all its movements to ensure its safety at all times, yes even while sleeping. But what if you still have some chores to do like washing the dishes or cooking? Well, this is where the Philips AVENT SCD525 DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor comes in. Designed to keep track of your baby, this features a generous operating range, advanced sound technology, a 100 percent private connection with zero interference, and a unique Talk Back feature to make sure you’re connected to your baby no matter where you are inside your home.

5. Why Cry Analyzer Baby Monitor

It can be very frustrating to see and hear baby crying, yet you don’t have a single clue why he or she is crying in the first place. So to help new parents on this dilemma, the Why Cry Analyzer Baby Monitor is made available. As its name implies, it helps new parents like you to quickly and easily identify the reason why baby is crying as this gadget aids in interpreting baby sounds. Cool, right?

So did you miss anything on this list? Then go and grab them now!

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