AQUA TEK S – Protection and Longer Battery Lifespan for your iPhone or iPhone 4S

If you are a heavy smartphone user, chances are you run out of battery sooner than you expected. And so, you must make sure that you carry with you your phone charger at all times. Because if not, you’ll definitely miss important calls or not be able to answer urgent emails via your phone when you are on the go. However, some people find it very inconvenient to bring along a separate phone charger each and every time. And if you’re among them, all the more you need to have the AQUA TEK S. At the first glance, you might think that this is just an iPhone case. But if you will look at it closely, it is actually a battery powered, solar charged, rugged underwater iPhone 4/4S case made with gadget geeks like you in mind. So no need to juice your phone up using a separate charger from time to time. With the AQUA TEK S, your phone will never go dead again as long as Mr. Sun is there.

But apart from providing your device with longer battery life span, this geek gadget accessory gives it added protection too. Made primarily from tough poly-carbonate materials with rubber grips, this product will definitely keep your phone protected from accidental drops, spills, and falls. And it’s waterproof too up to 20 feet, so you need worry about getting your phone damaged when you accidentally drop it on the bathtub.

Check out this complete list of AQUA TEK S features:

* Waterproof and dirt resistant design protects your iPhone 4/4S from outdoor elements
* Poly-Carbonate, ruggedized casing withstands drops, falls and spills
* Lio Polymer Battery and solar charger keeps iPhone powered so users can hike, ski, camp and play longer
* Secures and protects the iPhone 4/4S while leaving access to the phones camera, volume buttons, speakers and Multi-touch display
* Easily charge and sync the iPhone in the AQUA TEK S by opening the thumb screw and attaching a micro USB to the connector
* For Kickstarter Pledges you will receive one or more of these with serial number in these 3 colors. Signal Orange, Black Night, or Urban Camo.

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