Aporto USB/Battery Powered 2.0 Speaker – Make It Your Next Travel Buddy

Going on a long road trip with kids can be both amusing and frustrating – amusing when they are having fun in spite of the long travel and frustrating if they’re whining because they start to get bored. So the next time you’re scheduled to go on a long trip with your kids, make sure you bring something to keep them occupied. Cool gadgets such as iPad, iPod, and iPhone will do, however their built-in speakers are not too reliable if you want them to enjoy the sound all throughout the trip. So, be sure to pair them with this Aporto USB/Battery Powered 2.0 Speaker.

Designed by Otone, this Aporto speaker is made with the travelers in mind. Its sleek form easily fits any traveling bag or case, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a separate bulky luggage just for this accessory. And because it’s highly portable, your kids won’t have any trouble bringing it during long road trips for more fun travel. Simply plug your kids’ gadget on the Aporto, and you’ll be amazed at how convenient your travel would be – yes, without the whining and all!

But the flexibility of this gadget accessory doesn’t end there. It also features an innovative modular design, so you can easily transform it into a universal micro system. All you need to do is detach the speakers from each other, and you can start creating a simulated surround sound effect. Isn’t that cool? Plus, it comes with a battery compartment, so that’s definitely an added convenience.

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