Adesso 5802-02 Tunes iLamp – Lights and Speakers in One

There are two things that can turn a room from dull and boring to cozy and relaxing – and these are lights and sounds. That is why, in any room, you’ll often find a lamp on top of the bedside table, a radio on the desk or any form of music player beside the bed, and a set of speakers nearby. For sure, yours have them too. But if you haven’t equipped your room with these cool gadgets yet or if you do have a music player less the lamp and the speakers, then it’s high time you get one. Yes, just one because today we’re featuring here at Geekie yet another 2-in-one gadget, and it’s called the Adesso 5802-02 Tunes iLamp.

At first glance, you’ll think that this gadget only works as a typical lamp. But if you will look closely, you will notice that it’s designed far beyond that – this actually includes a set of speakers. Where it is? It’s enclosed in that white plastic bubble shaped base of the lamp. But this set of speakers can also be extended, so if you want to put them at a distance, you can always do so up to 10″ away from the base. Now, you might ask, “Is the iLamp compatible to any type of music player?” The answer is yes as long as the player has a headphone jack. So whether you’ve got an iPod, a CD player, or your typical radio, you are sure covered by this 2-in-1 gadget.

A lamp and a set of speakers in one will sure make a great addition to your room. Find more related Adesso products here.

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