Add Color and Life to Any Part of Your Home with Cielux LUNE

Seeing everything in just plain black or white makes you either a skate (not the board but the marine animal related to stingrays) or a Sith. Colors and light add vibrancies to a seemingly dull life or living room, and they do also help improve the mood for the better. So unless you’re the type of person who finds solace in sulking in a deep dark place reminiscent of Arkham Asylum, you’ll find that the new LUNE would be a great addition to your living space.

The LUNE by Cielux is a stylish circular light source that gives off 7 primary colors that you can choose to complement and accent any type of occasion or any area of your home. Based from studies, the colors have an effect on one’s emotion that’s why placing them in any corner of your house can add to the ambiance whether in the living room or your own room. You can use yellow to liven up the gray morning, blue for a relaxing evening dinner, or red during a celebration. To control colors, the LUNE has 2 automatic color-fading modes and also adjustable light intensity. It even boasts of a patent pending user-friendly single touch point control interface that lets you simply tap the touch pad when turning the LUNE on, then tap again to change colors. You can press the touch pad to choose intensity of the color and hold it longer to turn off. Aside from that, you can use the programmed lighting sequence of the LUNE. All of these are made possible by Cielux’s ground-breaking Dense Matrix LED technology that utilizes the power of LEDs to create colors on a small array letting them emit different colors. The unit does not consume much electricity since it only uses 9 watts of energy.

If you’re looking for a unique lamp to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any area of your home, then you should consider getting the LUNE. Get it here now!

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