Add a Ring to your Workstation with CubiCaller Cubicle Doorbell

Accessorize your office cubicle and impress your colleagues like a boss with the new Cubicle Doorbell. This device allows your officemates or your boss to “ring” you up instead of just knocking or casually calling your name – why bother? Well, for starters it would give them the impression that you’re such a hard worker and you’re so focus on your work that you would need to take a cool doorbell to get your attention. Second, if you’re always too focused on your work, chances are ambient noises like knocking or casual conversation are almost inexistent and are usually ignored – putting a doorbell on the Cubicle Doorbell on your work station sends a message that you’re not really a snob and just one ring away from a friendly conversation.

The new Cubicle Doorbell is also a way for visitors to announce their presence at your station, it’s not exactly a court herald but it’s the closest thing you can have for one. You can even personalize and choose from its selection of 12 sounds and alerts. These include bird tweets, cat meows, duck quacks, car and fog horns, laser fire, door knocks, band instruments, and the more classic ding-dong, ring, and chimes.

The Cubicle Doorbell has a push button on front, selector button and 3-position switch on bottom, and a battery compartment at the back. It can be attached using a Velcro-like hook and loop adhesive at the backside. This doorbell is packed with the needed 2 AAA batteries.

More types of doorbell can be found at GeekieStore.

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