Zypad WL1500 – The Wearable Computer

It’s about time humans even the odds with the Yautja. While these Predator aliens have the upper hand with their wrist console panel that controls their vision modes, Plasma Caster, Sat-com, and self destruct button, humans are catching up with the new Zypad Zypad WL1500 – a fully functional cloud-enabled wearable computer. This device offers immediate access to information while without any loss in mobility – an important feature for people working in the fields of search and rescue, medicine, security, logistics, utility, and transportation.

The Zypad WL1500 is powered by a Marvell PXA320 processor with access to 128 MB of SDRAM flash memory. The hand operated device uses a with a 3.5-inch TFT resistive touchscreen QVGA display with ambient light sensor controlled backlight. For connectivity, the WL1500 supports multiple communication protocols including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, CDMA, and GPRS. It also has an accessible SIM card slot and an integrated GPS with a built in antenna. Other noteworthy features include a built-in microphone, mono-audio speaker, 2.5-inch audio jack, micro SD slot, an illuminated twelve-key keyboard, and optional integrated barcode scanner and external ring-scanner.

Another strong selling point of the Zypad WL1500 is its low power consumption and long battery life. It can operate for full 8-hours before running out of juice and even before that happens, there’s the power indicator that alerts the user if a battery charge is in order. To avoid interruptions, the battery is hot swappable without the risk of losing data. The battery can also be charged via a USB port.

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