Zipbuds – Make Them Your New Best Buds

Yes, I know, this isn’t the first time we feature a headset here at Geekie. So have you tried one of the headsets we talked about here so far? None? Oh come on, you should definitely try one, especially this one that we’ll feature here today. It’s the so-called Zipbuds. See the image? So what’s the first thing that entered your mind upon seeing it? A zipper, right? You got it! It really looks like a zipper, but definitely works far beyond it.

As its name implies, the Zipbuds feature a zipper integrated cabling that keeps your cables in line and your mind definitely at ease. It’s tangle-resistant so you need not worry even if you put it in haste inside your bag. Also, it’s ultra flexible and ultra light so wherever you go, you’ll never have to complain again about the added weight that your old headset brings. And since it’s made with a “Vertebrae” zipper design, it’s super-flexible too.

Now, how about sound quality? Well in spite of its unique design, sound quality is never compromised. It provides the same unrivaled sound quality that other headsets are known for. It features a Patented Centralized Acoustic Ventilation that effectively generates rich and detailed audio quality like no other. So what else would you need? Oh yes, no need to worry about fit too because this is designed with custom angled ear tips to ensure a snug and comfortable fit every time.

So, why don’t you make this geek gadget your new best buds? Order the Zipbuds here now!

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