ZIIIRO Watches – Look Ma, No Hands to Tell the Time!

Looking for new gift ideas? Why not try these Ziiiro Watches? I know, most people look forward to receiving high-end gadgets this Christmas, but if your budget can’t accommodate to give such, then you’d better stick to wrapping one of these really cool watches. They’re not the usual type anyway because look ma, these watches have no hands to tell the time! Kind of weird, but they actually look more fashionable than your old watch. So, if you want to give something unique this coming holiday season, then consider any of these options:


ZIIRO CELESTE – This watch displays the time using only two transparent colored discs. These two discs actually overlap each other to create an array of stylish blue and grey. This watch comes mainly with a matte stainless steel casing and strap, and it is available in four colors such as Black/Mono, Gunmetal/Mono, Gunmetal/Colored and Chrome/Colored.

ZIIIRO ORBIT – As its name implies, the hour and minute can be determined as they orbit around their parent star ZIIIRO. This is actually built with two orbs, one which is colored and another which is white. The former is used to tell the hour while the latter is to tell the minute. And as for the strap, it’s actually designed to be like a bracelet strap, so you can easily interchange it with other models in the rubber bracelet series. Colors available for this are: white, grey, ocean, and banana.

ZIIIRO GRAVITY – This watch presents a really simple way of telling the time; all you need to do is look at the swirls – with the inner twirl displaying the current hour and the outer swirl representing the minue. This is available in 9 colors including red, green, and magenta.

So, what do you think about these watches? Here, check out more ZIIIRO Watches!

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