YikeBike Extender Battery Back Pack Gives You the Extra Miles

Are you having a grand time with YikeBike – the world’s first super light electric folding bike? I’m sure you do. In fact, who wouldn’t be? This electric bike is packed with super convenient features that you can’t find anywhere else. So, where have you used it so far? In your neighborhood or beyond? I know, its battery is only good for 10km, so I understand if you haven’t ride this thing far enough. But hey, I’ve got good news! You can now ride the YikeBike as far as 20kms. True. How? By getting the all-new YikeBike Extender Battery Back Pack!

This Extender Battery Back Pack connects to the YikeBike via a cable, which is included in the package, doubling the usual 10km range that the YikeBike covers. So, that makes a 10km more distance for you, which of course equates to more fun and convenience. But if you really crave for more, yes let’s say 30kms, then you can opt to buy an additional battery which can also be accommodated inside the back pack. You see, this external battery is the same as the one inside your YikeBike. So if you don’t want to use it as spare, you can very much use it as replacement battery while you leave the other at home. And it uses the same charger as the YikeBike charger, so no need to buy a separate one.

This Extender Battery Back Pack really allows you to enjoy the most out of your YikeBike. Now, if you haven’t got yourself a YikeBike or any electric bike at that, then you might want to look at these Electric Bike choices at Amazon. Check them out now!

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