Xsens ForceShoe – The Literally Walking Research Laboratory

If professional athletes have their custom made, science-perfected, and performance oriented sports shoes, the science geeks and nerds have something better. Introducing the new Xsens ForceShoe, it is a specially designed pair of shoes that allows researchers to take full kinematic and kinetic measurements while the subject is walking. It can be used to analyze joint forces, record 3D measurement of forces and torques on the sole, and capture 3D kinematics of the foot outside of a conventional laboratory. The ForceShoe uses Xsens motion trackers (MTx) and 6DOF force sensors integrated into an advanced lightweight carbon fiber sole for unhindered movement even on the sports field. Data collected are synchronized and wirelessly transferred in real-time to computer using Xsens Xbus Master.

Basically, the Xsens ForceShoe’s independent design makes ideal for research and clinical studies that tries to capture a large number of successive strides – a feat difficult to recreate in a closed laboratory environment. This shoe can be used in the following field of science – Biomechanics, Rehabilitation, Sports, Ergonomics, Gait analysis, and so much more.

Aside from freedom of movement and wireless real-time data transmission, ForceShoe also boasts no data lost in the event of line of sight occlusion, bad foot placement, and/or misaimed step. Even for those not really into foot science, this research gadget is relatively easy to use. It uses a Windows based software for real-time monitoring, easy logging, and text export of data. Included in the package are MTx sensors, Force Load Cells, Xbus Master, and a USB Bluetooth Transceiver.

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