Xploderz X Ranger 1075 – Ready, Set, Fire!

Spring is not yet over. So, have you spent some quality Spring getaway with your kids already? If you haven’t, well it’s not yet too late to plan one. But if your schedule is too busy to accommodate such trip, you can always spend quality bonding time with your kids, especially with your boys, even at home by giving them this cool geek toy called Xploderz X Ranger 1075.

Ready, set, fire! You can give the go signal as your little boy prepares to take that first shot using this ingenious toy gun. Now, instead of using the usual ammo which is water, here what you will use are squidgy balls of gel. This has a maximum range of 85 feet, far enough before your targets run away and take cover from your jelly shots.

Now, you might ask, how safe is it to use this ball of gel as ammo? Well, since it’s water-based, you can expect it to be non-toxic, safe to use, and to leave no messy stuff behind. When you hit your target with this gel, it simply shatters, leaving only soft and harmless fragments. Once you have consumed all those squidgy gels, simply pull back the power arm to load the Ranger’s chamber. And then release it okay – ready, set, fire!

You and your son will sure have a quality bonding time with this new geek toy. Just make sure he won’t get you with his new toy’s hydro rounds.

Pre-order the Xploderz X Ranger 1075 here now!

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