XFINITY Home Security Touchscreen Control – The Smart Home Security Solution

If your home is your last bastion of safety and security then even constructing a crocodile filled, piranha infested moat around it will be all worth the effort. But no matter you high your walls, deep your moat, or advance your home security system, it would need a relentless and smart steward – and none can do the job 24/7 more efficiently than the new XFINITY Home Security. This in-home touch screen security gadget offers complete control of your security system, remote connectivity and a whole lot of other interesting features.

The Xfinity Home Security is backed by UL- Certified Central Station manned by fully trained and ready to respond personnel. Their job is to monitor your home’s security every day and immediately dispatch emergency services when alarms or threats are detected. In case of power failure, the system battery back-up will automatically kick-in to keep you connected and secure. For added peace of mind, you can keep an eye on your house and even remotely arm/disarm the alarm using a computer or smartphone connected to Internet. To simulate a presence even when you’re not around the house, this device will use programmable automated lightning controls with integrated energy saver to keep unwelcomed strangers from guessing whether you’re really home and turning on/off those lights.

This security system will not only protect your house from burglars but from bad utility bills as well. By using the web portal or an iPhone app, you can remotely check and adjust your temperature settings as well as set the system into “vacation” setting to further conserve energy.

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