Write, Copy and Save with the New Dane-Elec Z Pen

If the humble pen is truly mightier than the sword then the new Z Pen digital pen is mightier still. This digital pen is the next step of digital hand writing just as the light saber is the evolution of the sword. The “Dane-Elec Z Pen” digitizing pen tracks your pen movements on a sheet of paper as you write your notes and automatically records them in electronic format. The device comes packaged with a 1 GB USB Receiver that stores your notes and the necessary software needed to “read” them and convert them into digital format. The Z Pen is a fully functional pen and it accommodates pen refills that are easily available in most office and school supplies store. It can be used with any paper up to A4 portrait in size and save images from 300 to 900 dpi. The receiver, on the other hand, also doubles as a standard USB storage device.

The technology used by Z Pen is fairly simple yet ingenious: the receiver is clipped on to the top of the notepad you’re writing on and it records the motions of your pen as you write down, draw or scribble on the piece of paper. To retrieve the notes, plug the receiver into a computer and use the conversion software to view and save your notes in electronic format. The software is not 100 percent error-free but it’s a minor inconvenience solved by software upgrades or an even better handwriting.

The receiver uses a 1.2V DC NiMH re-chargeable battery that needs about 6 hours of free charging before initial use and lasts up to 20 hours. The pen uses 2 V393 batteries which are included in the package and can last up to 75 hours.

Purchase one here.

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