Worry No More with Mommy I’m Here Kids Tracking Device

When you go to the mall, park, or any place at that with your little kid, chances are you always follow him to ensure that he is just within your sight. You become so worried whenever you lose track of him, while in fact he is just hiding from you. So why worry if you can keep track of your kid without following every step he makes? The solution – this cute little gadget called Mommy I’m Here Kids Tracking Device.

Find your kid fast and easy with this audible child locator. Featuring a 150-ft range and a beeping alert, this device provides you peace of mind whenever you take your kid to the park, mall, theme park, or anywhere, whether crowded or not. Simply clip the bear receiver to your kid’s bag, shirt, belt, or shoes while you hold the pocket-sized transmitter. The moment you lose sight of your little wanderer, just press the button and then the receiver will sound at 90 decibels, directing you to his location. Anyway, if he roams more than 25 feet away, this tracking device will automatically alert you that he is wandering further away from you. So what to do next? Of course, run and get your little adventurer before he gets himself hurt.

Other features include water resistant receiver and includes one 12v mini battery for the transmitter and two CR2032 lithium batteries for the receiver. Be sure to take note of the compatible batteries so once they ran out, you can easily get a match.

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