Woogie 2 – The Huggable Case for iPhone and iPod Touch

You may have bought your iPhone or iPhone touch for your own use. But if you have kids at home, chances are any of these gadgets may not be for your sole use. Once they have seen your game apps and other cute stuff that they can do with your iPhone or iPod, expect it that you’d be sharing this gadget with them. However, there’s one disadvantage to that – since they are still very little, it’s most likely that they’d drop this gadget accidentally. In fact, at times, it won’t be accidentally because if they get pretty bored with the app, they might throw it and there goes your beloved gadget. You sure don’t want this to happen, do you? So this is where Woogie 2 comes in.

Your kids will surely love Woogie 2. Why? Because it’s just like a fuzzy friend that they can hug all the time. But it’s more than just a fuzzy friend because it’s actually a protective case for your iPhone or iPod. So it’s just like hitting two birds with one stone there. You get to protect your gadget and you let your kids have 100% awesome fun at the same time. Simply slip your iPhone or iPod touch into this case and a soft, clear plastic window will protect its display while the rest is protected by soft and furry material. It’s also made with five floppy legs so you can position it perfectly on a table or in your lap if you want to play games or watch a movie.

So do you want to have this huggable case? You can also check out the Woogie 1 here if you want to.

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