Wireless Connection Anywhere for your iPod Touch with ZTE Peel

The line dividing the iPod Touch and the more feature rich iPhone just became thinner with Sprint ZTE PEEL. This device attaches to an Apple iPod Touch to allow the user to connect to 3G networks. The ZTE PEEL slider case for Apple’s popular media player comes with an integrated portable WiFi hotspot – basically turning the iPod Touch into a thicker iPhone without a third party phone and SMS apps. Given its case-like form factor, the ZTE PEEL also acts as a cradle or a jacket for second and third generation iPod Touch. This device features universal compatibility and can support up to two Wi-Fi devices. Internet connection is virtually always available for an iPod Touch user as long as there is a 3G network signal.

To use, simply slide in the iPod Touch into the ZTE PEEL with screen facing out until it clicks into position. After that, press the power button conveniently located at the back of ZTE PEEL to connect to a 3G network.

ZTE PEEL takes advantage of the already existing UI and Web capabilities of the iPod Touch to turn it into a pseudo-mobile phone and an internet capable device that’s not limited within a hot spot’s range. Other features include advanced WEP security and support for the latest Windows and Mac operating systems.

Purchase the ZTE Peel at GeekieStore.

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