WinTV-Aero-m Lets You Enjoy Live Broadcast TV Anytime, Anywhere

Having cool gadgets such as a netbook or notebook when you’re on the go has provided more convenience than ever. See, even if you are inside a coffee shop, at the beach, at the airport waiting for your flight, or at the park, you are able to browse the Internet, check your e-mail, or update your Facebook account. Those things that you can do with your netbook are convenient enough.  But let’s say you want to watch live broadcast with it, could it be possible? Well, of course YES! All you need is the all-new WinTV-Aero-m!

Dubbed as a digital terrrestial TV, the Win-TV-Aero-m allows you to watch the new ATSC M/H mobile broadcasts in the U.S. on any USB-equipped and Windows-based notebook or netbook. So whether you are inside your car, at a restaurant, at the beachfront, or practically anywhere, anytime, you can tune in to live local news, weather, sporting events, traffic news, and entertainment programs. No need to stress yourself just to get home in time to watch your favorite local news. Simply plug this device into your netbook’s USB port and start scanning for the available ATSC M/H broadcasts in your area.

Also, do you want to watch free HD TV on your PC or notebook at home or when you are on the go? The WinTV-Aero-m also allows you to do just that, with its built-in high definition TV receiver for live ATSC HD broadcasts. Very convenient, right? Small as it may seem, but the WinTV-Aero-m just makes the perfect partner for those who want to enjoy live broadcast TV anytime, anwhere.

Buy your Hauppauge WinTV here.

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