Wii 2 – A rumor turned into reality

Is the production of the Wii 2 fact or fiction? Is the new Wii 2 a rumor or a reality? As we have never expected it to happen, the new Wii 2 is set to be in stores near us this coming 2012. This is surely great news to all Wii and game lovers out there. Unfortunately, no specific details are yet available regarding the features and price of the new Wii 2.

According to Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata, it confirmed rumors of a new console to launch in markets this coming 2012. The gaming platform would not arrive during this current fiscal year, but would be set to appear after March 31, 2012.

Some details about the Wii 2 which have been confirmed by Japanese news critics were that the new Wii 2 would be more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A hybrid tablet controller with state of the art sporting HD graphics is also included. A test version of the new Wii2 will be available for testing in the coming year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo which will surely be a great event to watch out for.

The new version of the Wii 2 was set to remove problems that developers have with compatibility and development of games for the current Wii. One thing is for sure, the Wii 2 will not offer 3D effects as this platform feature is not yet widely adopted by people around the world. Making a 3D central feature of the new platform would be “difficult”, said Iwata. The new Wii 2, will surely be a blast of a new generation of gaming consoles.


This news can be seen at asia.gamespot.com .

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