Whirl Mini Mouse – Rock It, Tilt It, Move It

Can you possibly use your computer without a computer mouse? If it’s a desktop, well it’s somewhat possible. But you really have to be good at using the control keys with that. Now, if it’s a laptop, it’s very much possible since it includes a touchpad that you can use to navigate it. However, no matter how useful the touchpad is, you still need a reliable laptop mouse so you can navigate it with more ease and convenience. There are lots of types, sizes, colors, and designs these days. But if you want something small yet can be rocked, tilted, and moved like no other, then the Whirl Mini Mouse is the best bet for you.

The computer mouse has evolved so much over the past years. And this year is no different, a more promising mouse is set to make your computer or laptop navigation a totally different experience. Why? Because you can rock it, tilt it, and move it! True, you’re no longer confined in moving your mouse from side to side, front and back, or in circles in order to put the cursor where you want it or click on anything on your computer screen. Thanks to the Whirl Mini Mouse’ ErgoMotion pivot system! You can now rock and tilt it as you move it, automatically changing its angle to match both your wrist and your hand. So say goodbye now to painful wrists and hand due to prolonged use of your computer mouse. With this new mouse from Smartfish, the risk of wrist or hand injury is minimized since it’s no longer in a fixed position.

Interested? Pre- order the Whirl Mini Mouse here.

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