Westone 4R Quad-Driver Earphone for Superb Listening Experience

For some music lovers, it doesn’t matter whether they’re using an MP3 player or a cellular phone to play their favorite tunes. What matters is they have top-quality headphones or earphones that will provide them with superb listening experience. That’s what the Quad-Driver Westone 4R is. Mind you, it will definitely take your listening experience to whole new level. This earphone is made up of four symmetrically balanced armature drivers engineered into an advanced three-way crossover network to offer unbelievable clarity, realism, as well as imaging.

Ergonomics and comfort is ensured, thanks to Westone’s True-Fit technology. The True -Fit sound port offers maximum comfort plus in-ear coupling for lively transfer of sound. The Westone 4R Quad-Driver Earphone also features Westone EPIC Cable that comes in ultra supple braided design to resists tangles and to ensure comfort. The cord will also be kept in place even when you’re moving or doing something, thanks to its robust bifurcation w/slide adjustment. Another thing remarkable about it is its over-the-ear cable design that provides better in-ear comfort and isolation from mechanical cable noise.

The earphone’s Micro-Driver Balanced Armature Technology, on the other hand, offers accurate four-driver system so you can enjoy the most dynamic sound a universal fit earphone could give. Yes, the company takes pride in its Micro-Driver Balanced Armature Dual low frequency, single mid, and single high frequency driver system. Among the accessories that come with the product are wax removal tool, water resistant monitor vault, and premium comfort tips. Click here to go through a wide range of Westone products, including this 4R Quad-Driver Earphone.

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