WEBBY 1.4 – Information at Your Fingertips

WEBBY. It’s a gadget you’ve never seen before. It is a widget-powered device that makes use of widget applications to put all the necessary information you need such as traffic reports, news, stock market, weather, and a whole lot more right at your fingertips. Yes, you read it right. With just a touch on the screen, you can get real-time information and entertainment you need anytime you want it. Even if you already have a computer, WEBBY proves to be a nice addition in your home or office.

WEBBY features wireless broadband connection so you can listen to your favorite web-based radio channel whether you’re at home or in your workstation. It also offers WebTV channels specialized by operators or service providers. Via video clips, you can have great opportunities for advertising and promotion. If you want to listen to your MP3 files stored in your SD card or USB device, you have nothing to worry about because WEBBY supports such too. Want to check your emails? WEBBY allows you to do that 24 hours a day, wherever you are! And with its RSS feature, registering your own RSS list and getting updated with news and latest information will be as easy as 1-2-3.

And do you know that WEBBY will help you start each day with a smile? Its alarm function lets you choose a different digital media alarm each day. It also includes a video player to let you enjoy movies and video clips saved in your SD cards or USB devices. Click here to find out availability and pricing of this wireless alarm clock at Amazon.

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