Web Runner Wall Crawling R/C Spider – Are You Scared?

Are your friends coming over the weekend? Wow, that’s cool! You get to show them your awesome place and yeah your weird gadgets too. It’s so much fun if you have something new inside your place that will totally amaze your guests. But hey, why not get something a little scary this time? Yes, that’s a cool new idea – a weird stuff that will sure scare the hell out of your friends, well maybe not all of them, but perhaps only those who are arachnophobic. Here try this one out – the Web Runner Wall Crawling R/C Spider!

Well, as its name suggests, it really does look like a real spider because of its moving legs, only that it is controlled mainly by a remote and uses a powerful vacuum system so it can cling on walls and ceilings. Before your guests come over, prepare this scary stuff near the wall and then once they are there, simply turn on the Web Runner and place it on a wall and yes, it will cling instantly. Now, grab the remote and help your scary spider navigate through the walls and ceiling, you can either rotate it left or right or make it move backward or forward. For sure, your friends who are suffering from arachnophobia will go wild seeing this little creature crawling on your walls and ceiling. And that’s what will make their stay at your place a truly exhilarating one.

Go ahead and get this Web Runner Wall Crawling R/C Spider here now!


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