Wash Clothes Anytime and Anywhere with Portable Laundry Pod

Unlike Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, regular geeks don’t usually have a trusty butler to wash their clothes or costumes. Luckily, with butler or not, geeks don’t have to wear the same unwashed clothes all over again or spend a lot of time washing their favorite tee with the new Portable Laundry Pod. This convenient and portable hand-cranked, thus power saving and muscle building, washing machine can wash a couple of apparel without having to waste a lot of water and time. It’s the ideal travel buddy when camping outside the Apple store or attending Renaissance Festivals, Comic-Cons, and Cosplays. The ultra-minimalistic design of the Laundry Pod allows it to be easily stored under the sink when at home or inside the car trunk when travelling.

Since doing laundry is not exactly the best way to spend the time of the smart people, the Portable Laundry Pod washes, spins, and drains clothes in just 10 minutes – leaving more time to code programs, beat high scores, or finish an invention. Clothes may still require some time drying, but that’s just how life works, you can’t have them all.

Here’s the quick list of the Laundry Pod’s features:

• Hand cranked portable washing machine – saves electricity and water
• Measures only 14.45 x 14.02 x 13.55 inches for easy storage
• Easy to use
• Fast – cleans clothes in just 10 minutes
• Economical – uses only about 6 liters of water and 1.5 teaspoon of laundry detergent
• Ultra-portable design

Purchase the portable Laundry Pod here!

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  1. Not sure how convenient and portable this gadget is for regular travel, though I think it would be great for college students or folks relocating for a prolonged period of time but not permanently.

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