Walk4Life Pet Pedometer – Don’t Let Obesity Occur in your Dog

Do you know that obesity can occur in dogs too? Yes, that’s true. In fact, obesity is a major problem in dogs and can have long-term consequences on their health if not treated early. Whether you believe it or not, obese dogs are more likely to suffer from conditions such as heart problems, breathing difficulties, arthritis, and diabetes. And so, before their conditions get worse, they should lose weight by doing more physical activity. What should you do then to make sure that your pet dog is doing the right amount of physical activity? Well, you can observe it the whole day or you can leave the monitoring part to this ingenious gadget called Walk4Life Pet Pedometer.

The main function of this gadget is to track how much activity your pet is getting throughout its busy day. It is durable and water resistant it features a step counter and activity timer. To use this, simply attach it to your pet’s collar, leave it there for some time, and then get back later to check if he sleeps or runs the whole day. That easy! Now, you don’t have to stay all day watching your doggie if it’s doing any physical activity or not. And if the pedometer shows that your pet lacks physical movement, then it is high time you spend more time walking and playing with your dog.

Keeping your pet healthy should be among your concerns, no matter how busy you are. So don’t let obesity strike, not even to your pet! Get the Walk4Life Pet Pedometer here now!

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