Wake Up on Time with Pac-Man Alarm Clock

Once you see this Pac-Man Alarm Clock, the first thing that’ll come to your mind is that famous arcade game that you used to play. Controlling Pac-Man through a maze, eating pac-dots along the way, was so much fun, right? And it was even more fun when you were able to eat all the dots before the time was up, taking you to the next stage and so on. Now, you can relive those Pac-Man days with this uniquely designed Pac-Man Alarm Clock.

This eye-catching alarm clock is the perfect gadget gift that you can actually give yourself, if you’re one true lover of Pac-Man. Set aside that iPhone for calls and mobile Internet browsing, and let the Pac-Man alarm clock provide you with that crazy sound you need to wake up on time. In fact, the sound it emits is far different from the typical alarm clock, because it actually sounds like that wakka-wakka-ing of Pac-man in that arcade game. So the moment you hear it, you’ll be up in a jiffy.

But aside from the snooze function, this alarm clock also features backlight buttons which are represented by cherries. So these add even more unique looks to your already distinctive alarm clock. For sure, your friends and loved ones will take a second look at it once they noticed that you have a rather weird-looking alarm clock there.

So spice up your bedroom with something funny and unique. Or better yet, give one as gift to your little kids. Order a Pac-Man alarm clock here.

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