Voice Control Helicopter – You’ll be Amazed!

If after years of playing, you now find old RC helicopter pretty boring, then you must start looking for a new and more interesting flying thingy. Is there something more fascinating than a voice-controlled helicopter? Yes, you read it right! The Voice Control Helicopter is now out in the market to amaze you and your kids as it responds to your commands. In fact, loaded in this toy are five commands and it is more than willing to obey almost all your aviation whims.

This is your heli-servant that you can ask to start its engine, fly higher or lower, hold something, and stop the moment it has landed. Along with your voice commands, there’s a remote control that you can use to turn the helicopter left and right. Its in-built forward motion ensures that it is going to the right direction. Moreover, there’s also a kind of ceiling sensor so your flying servant won’t hit the ceiling and fall off. What make this helicopter attractive are its cool LED lights. You can charge it up so easily via the handset.

If you have European friends and relatives, the Voice Control Helicopter proves to be a very cool gift because it also understands commands in French or Spanish. To give commands, all you need is to use the headset that comes with this toy. You won’t have any problem in setting it up because you’ll get detailed instruction manual upon purchase. Click here and get a Voice Control Helicopter now!

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