Victorinox Swiss Army Knife with USB Drive

Victorinox is a company that’s highly recognized for its cutlery products. Little do people know that it also makes quality electronics gadgets. Nowadays, the company wants to be widely known in both fields with the introduction of the Victorinox Flash Collection. Gadgets included in this collection appear like a Swiss Army Knife. Yes, there’s a blade inside and do-it-all tools. But what makes it more useful and interesting is its blazing fast USB flash drive.

The Victorinox Flash Collection features gadgets that come in a wide range colors. Capacities also range from 4GB to 128 GB, which is made up two 64GB sticks fastened together.

Among the popular items in this collection are the Victorinox Slim that comes with a simple drive; Flash Alox Flight that includes scissors, knife, nail file, and the USB itself; and there’s also the Flash LED which contains all of these features plus a LED flashlights. That’s not all. You should also meet the Secure which will scan your fingerprint before you can have access to the drive, making it perfect for people who keep confidential files. The Flash Laser, on the other hand, comes with a laser pointer, while the Presentation Master includes such laser pointer plus Bluetooth remote that you can use to navigate through presentations.

All units basically look the same – they come in Swiss Army Knife style and the flash drive flip out the way a knife does. If you want, you can remove it and make it like any other external drive. Click here to purchase your needed Victorinox Swiss Army Knife with USB Drive now!

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