Vibration Earphones – To Hear is To Believe

Do you love listening to music using your iPod or any MP3 player at that while traveling or doing any activity? It’s so relaxing, isn’t it? Plus, it gets you more in the mood all throughout the day. How about listening to loud and fast music using the same cool gadgets? It feels so good to dance into the groove, right? But it would certainly feel even better if you pair your music gadget with extraordinary earphones such as the Vibration Earphones.

Designed using patented stereo bone and air-conduction technology, the Vibration Phones deliver only unbelievable, utterly-mind blowing sound that you can never experience using any ordinary earphone. The sound actually pipes straight to your inner ear and is converted into vibrations thru the integrated 2.2 speakers. The result of which is really astounding, and that’s for you to hear so you’ll believe.

The Vibration Earphones are extremely LOUD, so if you are into groovy and loud music, all the more you’ll have fun listening once you plop them into your ears. Take note, however, that listening to high volume for longer duration can have damaging effects to your auditory organs. So be sure to get the settings right.

Here are the main product features and specifications of these extraordinary earphones:

* Woofer vibration earphone system
* 2.2 Channel speakers
* Stereo bone-conduction sound and air-conduction sound
* Virtual reality 3D sound effects
* Patented technology
* Extremely loud!
* Dynamic Multi-Function Speaker
o Impendance: 8? ±20%
o Min/max input power: Vibration: 15mW / 30mW, Bone-conduction: 5mW / 30mW
o SPL: 62dB ± 3dB (dB re 1.p0 dyne 500Hz) 15mW /340mVrms
* Micro-Speaker
o Impendance: 32? ±20%
o Rated input power: 2mW
o SPL: 117dB ± 3dB, (1kHz) 1mW / 179mVrms
* Cord length: 1.2m (including controller)
* Ø3.5 Gold Plated Plug

Get the Vibration Earphones here.

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