Vertical Vinyl – Plays Old-Skool Vinyl Vertically

If your parents still keep some vinyl records at home, chances are you never dare play them because for you, they are for oldies. But no matter how you wanted to get rid of them since they take so much space in your home, you just couldn’t do so because you know how precious these things are to your mom and dad. If only you can buy a new vinyl player so you can play them instead to your parents delight. Yes, why not get a new one? And this time consider getting one that looks a lot different from the typical player. Here, check out this Vertical Vinyl.

Huh, a gadget that plays old-skool vinyl vertically? Quite surprising isn’t it? But believe it or not, this Vertical Vinyl Wall Mountable Turntable really works what it’s name suggests – and that is to play records vertically. All you have to do is mount it on the wall, pop on a record (33 or 45 RPM), and start listening through its built-in speaker as you see the record going round, and round, vertically. No need to position it near an outlet because this product is battery-operated. Just mount it where your mom and dad will find it convenient to listen to old tracks and start playing.

Vinyl may not be your favorite thing, but your parents will do appreciate that little gesture of yours. And you will sure do yourself one big favor by doing that too. And guess what is that? Yes, it does make sense to minimize surface clutter using this geek gadget!

Looking forward to have one? Then, pre-order the Vertical Vinyl here now!

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