Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine: A More Accessible Energy-Saving Option

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The rising cost of energy and the depleting resources of the earth have paved the way to the search for alternative energy sources. Aside from solar energy, one of the fastest growing natural energy sources today is the wind (after all, the wind is free and it’s everywhere!) – thus the introduction of wind turbines. But while solar energy has already become more accessible, wind energy is still out of reach. Most the time, wind turbines are only found in rural areas, clustered together to produce power. Well, that’s bound to change now with the introduction of the Sauer Energy vertical-axis wind turbine.

This new type of wind turbine fills the gap that the traditional turbine leaves out. First and foremost, it’s designed for use in urban areas. It can be used in small and big buildings alike, so it’s more accessible to those living in the city – whether for residential or business purposes. It can also start gathering energy at as low as 5 mph of wind, and it can gather energy no matter what the direction of the wind. When you add in the fact that it doesn’t take up much space, that it doesn’t make a lot of noise as it works, and that it doesn’t pose threats to birds, you’ll realize that this is a very promising innovation in the wind turbine industry.

Wind energy has a lot of promise to it, much like solar energy. And with the continuous developments involved in the technology used to harness this energy, this could be one of the leading sources of alternative power in the future.

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