USB Snakescope -Give Yourself the Snake Eyes

You know the old cliché look before you leap? The new USB Snakescope with magnetic attachment takes the old saying a jump further. Yes, is the same borescopic still and video camera that you see SWAT and Special Forces use to peek on a corner or a small opening before charging in guns blazing or doctors and surgeons shove into the different orifices and surgical opening to take a good look inside the body. How cool is that. It’s not something an average civilian would buy to make life and living easier, but just like night vision and infrared goggles, periscopes and jetpacks, the number of possible uses and sheer fun factor alone makes it worth it.

The USB Snakescope features a long 2-meter, durable and semi-flexible insertion tube with two adjustable LEDs allowing it to go where no eyes can go. Its waterproof camera and cable allows it to reach even damp and wet nooks and crannies – drain and plughole comes to mind. For grabbing objects, it’s limited to a clip-on magnetic attachment that can salvage lost metallic objects like screws, bolts, nuts and possibly keys that may have found themselves stuck on hole somewhere.

The 14 mm diameter camera itself is capable of recording images in VGA at 640×480 resolution; when you’re poking the USB Snakescope in a deep dark place, it pays to have a good quality picture. This gadget is ideal for exploring the deepest recesses of your wall cavity, automobile engines, sofa, pipes and obscure spaces and corners.

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