USB Pet Rock – Your Not-So-Usual Pet

Dogs, cats, birds, fish, and even hamsters. All of these make great pets. Do you have any of them? For sure, you are having so much fun feeding them, playing with them, and simply seeing them grow. But what if you don’t consider any of these fun at all? You do love the idea of having a pet but you sure don’t want to feed it, much more to clean its poops. So, what’s the best pet for you then? Here’s a suggestion – try having this cool and nifty gadget accessory slash pet called the USB Pet Rock.

If you were born in the 70s, perhaps you knew that once rocks were made as pets. True, they were. An executive introduced this idea and surprisingly, it clicked. And now, it’s back. The same pet rock, only this time it’s made USB-friendly to keep up with technology.

So if you are into gadgets like laptop and is looking for a not-so-usual pet at the same time, then this USB Pet Rock is the best partner for you. It actually does nothing more than create a more distinctive look for your USB. So it’s just perfect as a desktop pet – no need to feed it, walk it around, or train it to behave. You simply put it there, plug in, and then hold it to keep you relaxed.

Your friends and colleagues might find this thing really odd at first. But later on, they’d find it cute too. Imagine having a pet that does not need cleaning, feeding, and picking poops. Cool, eh!

Order the USB Pet Rock here.

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