USB-It Stick-On USB Cable – Just for Fun

A couple of weeks back, we featured here a really weird gadget called USB pet rock. Quite an insane idea, but it does make a nice addition to any desk. Plus, it’s just perfect for those looking for a pet, yet don’t want the mess that goes with owning one. Now, we’re going to feature here another weird gadget. And well, if you’re looking for some prank ideas for your next party or get-together, then this is just the perfect bet – the USB-It Stick-On USB Cable.

If you go back through some old posts, you’ll see that there are so many featured gadgets here that are powered by USB. In fact, they are so many that we have to feature many-ported USB hubs as well so you can plug them all at the same time. However, let’s just accept it, there are some things that can never be powered by USB just like fruits, decors, canned goods, clothing, socks, lunch box, and pet. But hey, you can very much make them appear to be. Simply stick the USB-IT to any of these items and in an instant, they appear to need a computer to survive. Yes, you have to stick the end of the cable to any object, plug it into your laptop or desktop for added effect, and you’ve got a seemingly USB-powered object there, but of course it won’t do anything.

Crazy as this may seem, but this will sure make anyone roar with laughter. Really, it’s just for fun! Order the USB-It Stick-On USB Cable here now!

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