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The rise of new technology is unstoppable. With the future drawing near, we now can experience life changing possibilities making life more fun and easier. How would you wish to do things with just a click away? With just a blink of an eye, you work can be finished. Seamless possibilities of new technology become available to provide a better life for the average individual.

Soon, a new gadget will make these things possible. But for now, there is a gadget that enables you to log in or enter into your accounts with just a blink of an eye. Yes, you heard that right, logging in will now be hassle free. The Eyelock offers state of the art technology which makes your iris the key to your accounts. No more passwords and other confirmatory messages. This is a helpful alternate and maybe one of the best ever yet.

The Eyelock features:

  • Iris analysis and scanning device
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Unique key

So what’s not to like about this gadget. As security is one concern we have every day, your accounts will certainly be safe from other prying eyes. Even up to your death, they cannot use your iris to log in to your account for it changes after you die. While biometric scans are available today, the uniqueness and perfectness of the iris scanner is surely unhackable. This device works like just magic, like a wand you swish just once, then all your needs will be delivered immediately.


For more information and features of the Eyelock, you can visit cnet.com .

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