Universal GPS Nav-Mat 2 – The Smarter Way to Hold your iPhone and Satnav

March is soon coming to an end and two days more, April’s here – more spring getaways are soon coming your way. So, are you planning to go on a road trip anytime soon? If yes, well it’s a good idea to bring along your satnav or iPhone to direct you to your desired destination. But it’s sure not fun holding it while you drive, nor balance it on your curvy dashboard. And so before you hit the road, you got to have this portable dashboard-hugging mat – the Universal GPS Nav-Mat2.

Using Bracketron TemperBond Technology, this portable mat is effective at holding fast on any dashboard surface, may it be textured or smooth. There’s also no need to use extra glue or foamy adhesive pads just to stick it to your dashboard, so you won’t have to worry about tell-tale marks that this glue or adhesive pad leaves. Simply connect your satnav’s windshield mount to the flat disc at the center of the Universal GPS Nav-Mat2 and then freely adjust it to your desired viewing angle. Now, your hands can focus on driving while your eyes can view your satnav or iPhone with so much convenience.

And since it features ultra-thin, flexible design, this will easily blend into your car’s dashboard. Plus, you do have an option to fold it in your glove box if you’ve already reached your destination. This is to keep it away from prying thieves which are lurking around the corner.

Order the Universal GPS Nav-Mat2 today.

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