Type Fast and Easy with the Nuu Minikey

Touchscreen phones are the in today, just like the iPhone. But there are a few people who’d rather use their old mobile phones because they are a lot easier to navigate, much more to send messages. Typing in iPhone does not really have to require so much of your time and effort. In fact, you can type fast and easy only if you have this nifty gadget called Nuu MiniKey.

At first, you might think that the Nuu MiniKey is simply a Bluetooth-friendly case for your iPhone. But try to flip it out and you’ll get a keyboard that will provide you with the speedy typing you need. Not only that, since you no longer need your iPhone’s virtual keyboard, you get to enjoy larger screen area, which makes it more convenient for people who constanly misspell words because their view is limited with the small screen.

How about navigation? Well, the Nuu MiniKey features navigation keys that allow you to find a specific spot in your composition with so much ease. It also includes a clever command key, providing you more convenience when it comes to editing and copy pasting. And with its brilliant back light, you no longer have to worry about typing in the dark or in poorly-lit areas.

So why settle with your old mobile phone if you can get an iPhone and then combine it with this ingenious Bluetooth-friendly case? Never misspell a word again nor spend an hour or so just to compose an email, message, or blog. Type fast and easy with the Nuu MiniKey now!

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