Twilight Tracer – For Extra Bit of Golfing Fun

If you’ve been playing golf for quite sometime now, then you must have experienced how fun it is to drive the golf ball a long way, straight. Actually, a lot of players love to send that little white ball hurtling into space. But how about if you’re the type of player who only finds time playing golf at nighttime? Do you still find it fun to hurl that white ball in the dark and track it afterward? If not, then you might find this new gadget really interesting – the Twilight Tracer.

Designed for extra bit of golfing fun, the Twilight Tracer is a pro-quality golf ball (yes, it conforms with U.S.G.A. and R&A rules) that flashes brightly upon impact, so you will know exactly where it is heading. If you are constantly looking where you hook, then this is the perfect golf ball for you. Containing an ingenious inner-core with circuitry, 2 red LEDs which are programmed to flash at a rate of 7.2 flashes per second for 5-6 minutes, and a lithium battery, the Twilight Tracer is perfect for play during cloudy days or at dusk. Once you strike it or drop it, it will automatically lit up since the 2 red LEDs are motion activated, allowing you to see it until it lands. And since it keeps on flashing for around five minutes, you won’t find it a bit difficult to track it down.

So why don’t you make your nighttime golf playing a bit more fun with this amazing gadget – the Twilight Tracer? It comes complete with a nifty ball pouch and 2 quality tees. Try it now!

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