Twilight Supernova – Making Night Golf Tournaments Possible

Gone are the days when golf can only be played in daytime or in well-lit areas. Yes, you read it right! Even if you aren’t gifted with the vision of a cat especially at night, you can still enjoy your much-loved sport, which is golf, without worrying about flinging the ball into a poorly-lit area. Thanks to Sun Products USA who revolutionized night golf by inventing the Twilight Tracer. Now, this company is back to once again bring excitement to golf industry through the Twilight Supernova!

Unlike the Tracer, this professional-quality golf ball ensures no loss of performance. It will be offered with built-in impact-activated bright LEDs that stay active for more than eight minutes upon impact. This 80 Compression multi-layer ball will be outfitted with Surlyn Cover and the moment you tee off, it will quickly flash in as fast as 7.2 times per second. For sure, that will be enough for you to see the ball and walk to it, right? But that doesn’t end there because the Twilight Supernova comes with a back-up plan. When the LEDs stop flashing, its patented After-Glow technology will activate for continuous visibility.

The Twilight Supernova will be offered in blue, green and white colors, so they will look positively radioactive even after you’ve hit it. Its built-in battery is made to last for like 40 hours or 300 hits whichever comes first. Best is, this ball conforms to all the USGA and R&A rules. If you’re itching to get a hold of this amazing golf ball, click here and purchase the Twilight Supernova now.

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