Turn Your iPhone or iPod Into the Ultimate Universal Remote with ThinkFlood RedEye Mini

Your iPhone and other iOS device can be a dozen things at once – and it probably won’t hurt to add another function, say a universal remote. Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into a universal remote and a free TV guide with ThinkFlood RedEye Mini. This portable gadget will allow you to control televisions, DVRs, stereos, and other IR-enabled devices whenever and wherever. The RedEye Mini is a cost effective solution if you want all the features and functionalities previously available only to more advanced universal remotes without the hefty cost.

Rather than using multiple remotes for your every home appliance or gadgets, RedEye Mini allows you to control all using only your Apple devices. Unlike other remote solutions, RedEye Mini plugs into your iPhone, iPod, or iPad’s headphone jack – effectively freeing up your device’s 30-pin dock connector. This allows you to use your other Apple accessories or your charger while using the RedEye mini and it also enables you to use the remote function without having to flip your phone upside-down.

The RedEye Mini features a wide range of manufacturer infrared codes and a learning module for easy set-up and compatibility with existing IR devices. It can control an almost limitless no of devices and store near infinite number of commands. There is also RedEye’s activity-based control which allows this remote dongle to execute a number of pre-programmed commands with a single touch. The remote interface of the RedEye Mini depends on the device being controlled and its functions can also be customized to respond to gestures and accelerometer controls.

You can also turn your portable iOS devices into universal remotes with these other cool gadgets.

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