Turn your iPad into a Digital Coloring Book with Crayola ColorStudio HD

Children at one point of their life create and live on their own colorful world, let them share that world with you thru the new Crayola ColorStudio HD coloring and painting apps for iPad. This evolution of the coloring book helps unlock the inner artist in your child by means of exciting discoveries and play on iPad using pictures, color, sound, music, and even animation. The Crayola ColorStudio comes with an iMarker digital stylus that serves as a marker, crayon, coloring pencil, and paintbrush in one. The iMarker seamlessly interacts with iPad’s multi-touch screen by automatically distinguishing the difference between finger taps, swipes, and other touch inputs from the stylus. Not only this increases the accuracy of the digital stylus but also enables the child to control both the canvass and color without having to toggle between input modes.
ColorStudio HD has always some new picture, animation, sound, and music to discover and play with. In fact new pictures are always available during updates and iPad sync. Furthermore, parents can proudly share the artistic creation of their children by printing the artwork, emailing them, or posting them on popular social networking sites like Facebook.

All in all, the new Crayolo ColorStudio HD delivers the best of coloring book experiences and bundles them with the best of Crayola’s crayons, paints, pencils, markers and other art products in one convenient child-friendly digital product. This iPad gadget is the new ink-free and mess-free way for children to color, draw, and express themselves in this new digital era.

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