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News of the Amazon Kindle is trending all over the tech realm nowadays. Advertisements and offers overwhelm the market for more information and availability of this new wonderful delight.

The Amazon Kindle is quite a radical device, changing the way iPod’s and e-readers appeal to the consumer marketplace. With support from most consumers, the Amazon Kindle unveils its third generation device which is arguably a top contender in the technology market. It has also revitalized and improved its past designs by adding great features that combines work and play in one awesome gadget ever produced.

Some specifications of the Amazon Kindle:

  • 6 inch display
  • Smaller and lighter than the previous designs
  • More enhanced display contrast
  • 4GB internal memory
  • Wi-Fi and 3G features
  • PDF reader supported
  • Quicker page turnaround
  • Enriched battery life
  • WebKit based optimized browser
  • Extended navigation as well as writing methods
  • Quality design and color feature
  • Optimized menu

Advantages of the Amazon Kindle:

  • Slim yet solid design
  • PDF support with large reference availability
  • MP3 and AAC  compatibility audio
  • Built-in memory and keyboard

Disadvantages of the Amazon Kindle:

  • EPUB book compatibility issues
  • Unmovable or altered battery
  • Unenhanced Memory slot design
  • No casing available


Although the new Amazon Kindle offers more enhanced features, it might fit your desired specifications. Meanwhile, it is still the most talked about gadget today. With its revolutionary designs and capabilities, the Amazon Kindle offers consumers high quality function and productivity to do tasks as easy as possible. Have yourself a gadget worth the cost as you accomplish and succeed in your aims with a high performance gadget. Avail of great gadgets here and know more about the Amazon Kindle.


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