TrueLite Maxi 3W- Powerful But Only Just Over 10cm Long

A day ago, I talked about a nifty lighting gadget here called LiteBulb Keyring Light. Did that one catch your interest? Yes, it may be such a small bulb, but it can very much provide you with the light you need wherever, whenever. Simply clip it into your bag or keys and off you go with a handy light all the time. But, if you think that thing is very small for you, then you can turn to this TrueLite Maxi 3w.

Boasting powerful light but only just over 10cm long, the TrueLite Maxi 3w is the perfect gadget that you can take when you go wandering about at night.

Thinking about spending a nice camping weekend with the family soon? Then be sure to take this little bobby dazzler. No excuses about not being able to bring one because unlike other types of flashlight, this one is highly portable at just over 10 cm long but with the same powerful brightness that you need to illuminate your way through.

Now, if you are not going on a camping trip anytime soon, you can always make use of this even at home. Keep it in your bedside drawer so when the light suddenly goes out, you know where you can easily grab it. Or perhaps, place it in your glovebox to be used in cases of emergencies.

Just like the Keyring Light, this one also has many convenient uses, only that it’s more reliable when it comes to brightness. So why not get this one as well?

Order the TrueLite Maxi 3w here!

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