Travalo Travel Atomiser – Smell Your Best At All Times

If you are into collecting perfumes, you won’t mind if these come in big bottles. In fact, you’d even find it more exciting if you are able to find perfumes in large and uniquely shaped bottles. However, if you are the type of person who is always on the go, carrying any of these big perfumes would give you such a headache, especially if you need to board an aircraft at that. So this is where the Travalo Travel Atomiser comes in.

Designed to hold up to 4ml of your favorite perfume, this can very much save you from the headache of bringing a big bottle that does not only take a lot of space in your bag but also add extra weight to it. So wherever you go, whether it’s a local trip or not, just pop it out of your bag, spray a bit, and voila – you smell at your best in no time!

But aside from saving you from the headache of bringing a huge bottle every time you travel, this geek gadget also features a nifty patented valve so refilling would be a breeze. All you have to do is to pop it on any of your perfume bottles with a removable spray nozzle, then give it a few pumps, and that’s it – you’re done refilling in a jiffy. And that’s not all! Since this is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, you can expect that it won’t easily break if you drop it or get damaged when inside your bag or small luggage.

Interested to get one? Order the Travalo Travel Atomiser here now!

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